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Use the full-time equivalent employee (FTE) calculator below to count the number of FTEs you have and see if you qualify for SHOP. The SHOP Marketplace is open to employers with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees (FTEs).

To qualify, a small business must:

  • Have fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees
  • Pay average annual wages below $50,000 per FTE
  • Contribute at least 50% of each employee's premium

The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace helps small businesses provide health coverage to their employees.

The SHOP Marketplace is open to employers with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees (FTEs), including non-profit organizations. You can enroll in SHOP at any point throughout the year.

Benefits of the SHOP Marketplace
The SHOP Marketplace allows you to offer high-quality health and dental coverage that meets the needs of your business and your employees. SHOP offers flexibility, choice, and the convenience of online application and account management.

For 2015 coverage and beyond, you apply for SHOP, choose a plan or plans, complete your coverage offering, manage employee participation, and pay your premiums online. Your employees enroll online too.
You control the coverage you offer and how much you pay toward employee premiums. You choose whether to offer dependent coverage (some states require it) and dental insurance. You choose how long your employees’ open enrollment period is, and the waiting period before new employees can enroll.

You can use your current agent or broker to help you enroll, find a new agent or broker in your area familiar with SHOP plans.  When you apply, you can search for agents and brokers registered to sell SHOP plans by Zip code.

You can enroll in SHOP any month, any time of year. There’s no restricted enrollment period when you can start offering a SHOP plan.

Contact us to learn more about the right SHOP Plan for your business.

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